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Doodles & why.

Chris Booker

Bolo by  Chima Group .

Bolo by Chima Group.

In a post about the 'My Final Breath' release, on blog TheToyChronicle, it was mentioned that people buying a piece later today will be extremely lucky to be getting hold of a drawing by me as I 'don't like doodling' so I thought i'd share a few thoughts on this and the reasons why I'm so reluctant to do such things at conventions.

Squink will also be placing random doodles in with orders, just for a little something extra for his fans and he doesn’t like doodling not even for The Toy Chronicle (so yeah you’re in for a treat ) These will be randomly placed in with orders you lucky sods.’
— The Toy Chronicle

I love drawing, in fact it was little doodles that got me into art in the first place, my grandparents would draw me pages of random shapes and i'd attempt to turn each one into a unique character, this is something I think played a huge part in me being where I am right now. The problem arises when I'm handed a sketch book or vinyl figure by someone, and asked to 'just draw anything' - being notoriously introverted, spending a whole day meeting fans, is hugely draining (though I love meeting you guys, I do find it extremely difficult, I'm still shocked every time I sell a piece of work, and find it really hard to take any compliments) So with a pen thrust upon me along with a sketchbook usually filled with gorgeous drawings from such a wide range of artists, I suddenly feel like i'm lost in pitch darkness, with a thousand eyes watching from a distance.

I don't know how other artists do it, but i'm always amazed by the quality of their 'on the spot' drawings. The point is however, the reason I sometimes turn down doodle requests is not to save myself this feeling of 'rabbit in the headlights' but simply to avoid a poor and shaky addition to such collections of artwork.  This is not to say that quick drawings I do here in the studio as giveaways will be works of art, but I hope they're more direct reflections of my thoughts, than a wonky face produced under (mild) duress.  I did cave at ToyconUK and do a few sketches for people, but the whole time thinking 'oh god, now what?' and when I'd finished I felt nothing but guilt for what i'd just done to such lovely sketchbooks.

The reason i'm doing these for this release, is because I do want you guys to be able to get hold of doodle like pieces from me, but i'd much rather you have something i've thought about, produced on nice paper, with the opportunity to throw away mistakes and not pass them on to you. The same reason I wouldn't send out a piece with damage, or filled with surface bubbles.

Quality control, you all deserve that. Have a great Thursday!