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ToyconUK product selection/ordering information

Chris Booker

It's almost that time already! It seems like just a few months since the last Toycon, but here we are at year 4.  Just like last year I will be adding all product photographs here, along with titles/prices.  These will be available on the day (9th April) but just like last year, once we hit 4pm GMT you can email me to reserve remaining items.  I will be updating the list throughout the day as pieces sell, so you will be able to see in real-time if the piece you'd like is still available.

If you're attending this year, I will see you there.. If not, I hope this helps you to at least have a way of enjoying the event in some way. :)


You'll find me with Haus of Boz, at booth 5 (by the bar)

Available pieces