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Squink is currently based in a home studio, if you would like to arrange a meeting, or have an informal chat, just drop me a message via the contact form.

You can also follow Squink on the following social platforms:

Twitter - @squink

Instagram - squink

Facebook - squink1


Commissions: The commission list is currently closed, however if you would like to discuss a piece in future, just drop me a message.


'Squink' is Chris Booker, an art lover from an early age, who was raised in the small town of Dronfield in the United Kingdom, and now works out of a home studio in the city of Leeds. He has exhibited in a number of shows around the globe, but prefers to work on art pieces with no set brief, to allow for full creative control, and the distribution of characters from his own heart to collectors worldwide. Trained as a graphic designer in the city of Sheffield, this artwork is the flip side of that tightly controlled typographical landscape. He still takes on freelance projects in this field upon request.

Chris is a huge coffee lover, who likes nothing more than settling down in the studio with a fresh palette, blank canvas (or the platform of choice for that day) and a flat white, accompanied by Boards of Canada, or on occasion the latest Mike Patton project.

Past clients include Kidrobot, the BBC, Monskey, Urban Gorilla, Dynamite Rex, and Freakstore.


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